sony-ericsson-z770.jpgThe Z770 has been especially designed to surf the web and receive the latest news. Its email set-up wizard makes it easier to have access to the inbox. The users can arrange the Z770i with an exchange ActiveSync that pushes work emails straight to the phone.

The design is really artistic and elegant with 91g weight and trim dimension of 93(h) x 48(w) x 15.5(d) mm that makes it an easy pocket ride and a small mirrored panel that runs across the front.

There is a High-speed data connectivity through HSDPA around 3.6Mbps that allows you to download music or videos from different portals or Sony Ericsson’s Play Now service within the twinkling of an eye and its exceptional Web browsing speeds make the mobile internet experience really enjoyable.

As we know that Sony Ericsson is quite habitual to include creditable group of organizer and productivity tools like calendar, tasks ,notes code memo, timer with various clock functions, voice memo and calculator .All these features depict the dexterity and aptness of Sony Ericsson’s feature mastering.

Now you can surf the Web and recover email directly on the phone, you can connect Z770i to a laptop through USB Cable and can also use it as a modem. The Magnetic Mouse Pointer makes web browsing quite easy while on the internet and this pointer is controlled through the navigation Key. The screen has a good size of 2.2’’.


By just clicking on the RSS tile or widget you can get instant access of your favorite web pages from standby screen. As the action takes place, you can receive RSS feeds from entertainment or news. There is also an integrated weather forecast application that allows users to have regular weather updates. Just snap an image on the Z770i and directly upload it on your own blog site.

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