People have been waiting for only one and now soon they will find a bunch of Androids there. Now Sony Ericsson says that its Android handset will be available in the coming year.

The company has announced to launch its Android handset during summer next year which will be a nice time for it along with many other competitors in the market.

Garfield Brusewitz, who is managing director at Sony Ericsson, tells in this connection: “We are focusing on devices that serve in the higher segment at present, but the company is also considering supplementing these products for the mass market later on.”


“Sony Ericsson’s first Android phone is expected to be available in the coming summer,” he added.

There are rumors that say Sony Ericsson to utilize the system in rebooting its hatchling Xperia brand. The Xperia brand couldn’t do any thing worth while particularly after the launch of X1.

LG, Samsung, Motorola and HTC are some other companies that are planning to reveal their Androids handsets at that time.

Similarly another Taiwanese company has announced that it will release some Android handsets during the coming summer. So, get ready for a bunch of Android handsets in the coming times.