Sony Ericsson Xperia XI: To delay or not to delay

Everyday, there are new rumors about the availability of Sony Xperia X1. Many believe it will be available during next month, some other say; it is as late as February 2009.


When Sony Ericsson heard that the handset would come in January 2009, it had to settle the matter.

According to the Boy Genius Reports, Sony Ericsson has changed its mind now and thinking to release the X1 in October.
The silence has also been broken on this device by the Retailer Expansys who is showing the phone as well as a list of price for it. But is it true or not true that is the question.


If things going on the same way as they are being described on the Sony Ericsson official website, this Windows smartphone may be available in the next thirty days that would be very nice indeed.


In case if we forget the old tales related to incompatibility with Windows Mobile 6.1, it may screw the whole thing up.
But we are quite certain about one thing as it’s going to be a better handset (if gets available once)


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