Will it be as fast and furious as Ducati or is it just branding and nothing else? Only use and time can tell but the thing worth mentioning is the trend of branding mobile phone with luxury auto attire that getting even trendier as time is on wings.


There was Motorola Ferrari then Asus Lamborghini and now Sony Ericsson is heeding to launch its own luxury auto phone but not for the car makers, a luxury bike maker known as Ducati.

Yeah! During this June, TIM will launch Ducati Z770 hand set in Italy. This Ducati handset is being based on Sony Ericsson Z770 platform that has been considered quite attractive and classically stylish and available in three colors but without built-in camera for video calls. Z770 is a 3G model that can be used as a complete 3G modem for laptop and no doubt the best serve for 3G data transfer. In short, a nice combination of functions and style can be noted in this Z 770.

And now Z770 has worn Ducati attire, covers, themes, screensavers, and videos all have Ducati’ s look.

Ducati is fast, Ducati is furious, will Z770 be as fast and furious as that Ducati.

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