There will be an eBook themed event in NYC on 2nd October 08, as the company is issuing press invites these days. Yup! Sony is going to announce a newer version of its eBook tech. 

The event is being held at the “Bookmarks Lounge” of the Library Hotel, New York. The press invite says, “We are going to open a new chapter on digital reading, so join us.” The image of this press invite is available on the internet.
There are little details about the event, but it’s quite obvious that it would be about the information about eBook technology that Sony will present in front of the press.

It seems that eBook market is going to be hot again as Kindle 2.0 will be on the horizon during 2009 (though there is no announcement about the UK launch from Amazon UK). However, we hope for the best and suggest keeping an eye on eBook market right now.

If you want to know about what’s currently available for Sony’s Reader Digital Book, you can go for the online bookstore for a browse.

There will be more reports about the event after some time, but till then, you can know more about the new advancements made in e-ink and e-paper from Plastic Logic.