Sony plans to add advertising to free video games on PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment is developing a plan to place ads in games on PlayStation consoles. This was reported by the business publication Business Insider, citing its sources. Earlier it became known about a similar initiative of Microsoft.

Interlocutors Business Insider, directly involved in the work on the initiative, said that Sony is now actively consulting with experts in the field of advertising technology. It is expected to create a program that will allow third-party developers and publishers to independently run various advertising campaigns in their games.

First of all, this applies to conditionally free games, the popularity of which began to rise sharply after the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus. Sony wants to see more such projects and aims to give their authors additional monetization opportunities.

However, advertising is also possible in traditional paid games - as an example, where the characters will use the products that exist in the real world, which should arouse the audience's interest in them. This concept, however, is not new and is actively used in various media projects. For example, Death Stranding contained such advertising. 

"The goal is to make ads look as if they are part of the game world. An example is digital billboards in virtual sports stadiums," the material says.

The team of experts is now looking at different types of promotions. In addition to those mentioned above billboards which you can just look at, allowed the appearance of full-fledged commercials third-party products in the games - for viewing them users will receive gifts from the game.

In addition, manufacturers may be able to arrange a temporary advertising campaign in the games, in which users will be assumed exclusive items, such as skins for the characters.

Sony has not yet decided whether it will take a percentage of the proceeds of the developers for advertising. At the same time, it may provide partners with additional services for money, namely data on the total activity of PlayStation consoles users (except for their real names and addresses).

The developer advertising platform is expected to launch by the end of 2022.

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