Sony PlayStation 4 set to get multi-core CPU

PlayStation 4

The Japanese PC Watch Impress has reported that a multi-core Central Processing Unit (CPU) is being developed by Sony, Japan for its  PlayStation 4.This breakthrough will be very welcome by the key games programmers. So far they could not completely master the PS3’s Cell architecture. Many including Sony are looking for alternatives to present systems.

Reportedly Sony was considering Intel’s Larrabee and the improved version of Synergistic Processor Unit. Still they will prefer their newly designed multi-core CPU.

PS4, Xbox 720, Wii HD

The other major users, Nintendo and Microsoft are also pondering for new CPU Technology to meet current market needs of users.

PC Watch Impress states that the usual lead time required to produce / develop new consoles is around two years. This means the enthusiasts and prospective users may have to wait to see the breakthrough till 2012 / 2013 for the PS4, Xbox 720, Wii HD systems.

Sony and Nintendo usually upgrade their PSP and DS range annually and Japanese gamers are anxiously looking towards PSPgo and DSi XL.
PC Watch Impress reports that handheld consoles could land in the market much before home models.

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