The latest addition from the house of Sony is its great high frame rate single lens 3D camera with high technology that captures one of the greatest natural as well as smooth as well as high quality 3D images coming forth with 240 fps.

Sony Corporation announced that the development would be for a single 3D lens with high quality camera technology. The second nature would be smooth coming for with 3D images. The system is all for the singular lens captivation with images onto the left and right. The technology should combine with some thing that exists with something that is totally high framed as well as perfect with recording technology.

The HFR technology is to bring 240 fps with 3D filming. This is actually going to be demonstrated with the CEATEC JAPAN 2009 technology with the Makuhari Messe convention centre being developed. This is going to be held at Chiba City from October 6th. The technology brings about a combination of some of the greatest existing high frame rate or HFR that one can use with recording of images.

The latest developments in single lens optical system is all about creating half mirrors with 3D images coming forth through separate lenses. The parallax ranges are always coming to be adjustable along with the enabling depth of 3D images that get to be modified.

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