The new launch of a multitasking singular  S-frame with high stylization as well as S-frame digital photo framing with printer is in fact one of the really stylish photo frame printers of today, coming from the house of Sony Electronics. They are sleek as well as all-in one device that brings some of the greatest multi-tasking photo viewing opportunities for printing and sharing of lovers as well as pictures. The printing for picture and sharing of copies bring over some special task orders and lists.


Your favorite photos can be aligned in vibrant colors with neat details as well as DPP-F700 features with 7-inch measured diagonally with the LCD display along with WVGA with 800×480 resolution. The print device is always with high professional quality along with 300×300 dpi photo instances. The reduction, cropping, date stamp and border or borderless singles print options are also present with some of the greatest sharpness in adjustment.

The hue and sharpness adjustments can come with time along with creative print mode. This can be done with calendar pictures as well as layered out print coming with multiple images spread on sheet.