Just like many other people, you might have enjoyed great video and audio features with your tape-based camera.

It was equally good for time to time training videos as well as for home movies. However, this camera not only had a standard definition picture, but also quite worrisome as you often had to change the tape again and again. Perhaps, that’s why these cameras are gathering dust nowadays.Now there isn’t any memory or tape that indicates you can enjoy capturing things for a considerable long time if you have a spare battery too.

If you want to shoot videos in full HD resolution (1920×1080) and 10.2mp still imaging.The HDR-SR12 120GB Hard Drive HD Handycam(R) Camcorder uses a Hybrid recording technology that allows users to record videos and other stuff in a Memory Stick, 120GB internal hard disk or in  a PRO Duo media.


Some of the most advanced optics have been used in its Carl Zeiss T lenses that give true brilliance, exceptional color saturation and awesome renditions.

To avoid unnecessary brightness and flare, its added T coating is quite impressive and it also proves effective in managing colors and contrast. Its 3.2” LCD display can be rotated to 270 degrees for different angles and it also offers a great help to monitor playback easily. The spacious screen also makes it quite easier to shot in 16:9 modes.


You are allowed to select between the 4:3 to 16:9 standard to widescreen ration and optimize the color production, sharpness of your images with after connecting to different models of BRAVIA HDTV.


Its 12.0 inches long, 14.0 inches wide and 9.0 inches high and weighs 4.0 lbs. When its about some remarkable features you would find 10.2 mp for still images capturing, Face detection features for still images as well as for videos, ClearVid sensor, 3.2-inch spacious screen with an Xtra touch-panel LCD.


If you really want to be creative in your picturing and video experience, you definitely need this HDR-SR12 HDD Handycam camcorder to save your memories for a longer time in its 120GB Hard Disk that keeps you away from the annoyance and worries of changing tapes again and again.