Sony’s PlayStation3 leaps to the top of the sales charts

When we look in a wider perspective, it seems that Sony is really going through hard times, but as cliché goes on,

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ and the emergence of Sony’s PS3 at the top of the sales charts is really a beacon of light for Sony.

Though the charts relate to the Japanese hardware rankings, the company knows well that its machines should do well in own country to shine somewhere else.

During the last week of February, more than 36,513 units of the PS3 were sold that were nearly double from what it managed during the previous week. Similarly, 35,

827 units of Nintendo’s DSi and 35,588 units of the Sony PSP were sold respectively. While the Xbox360 lagged behind with just 11,795 units’ sales.

Nintendo’s handheld plain-vanilla DS Lite saw a 11,774 units sales that shows the DS platform is no more the most popular platform and Sony takes a nice win hear.

This considerable increase in PS3 sales is being attributed to the launch of the third installment in the Yakuza games and it looks that it will soon return to normality after snapping up the title from its hardcore fans.

At present, the line of Yakuza games is not quite well-known in Japan with that names contrarily it is known by the name of Ryu Ga Gotoku which means “Like a Dragon”.

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