LTO5 Tape Technology

Sony Corporation’s storage Division and the Technology companies have entered into a contrast to develop LTO Ultrium tape cartridge. This development will provide increased storage capacity for massive data available with IT users.

The technology provides companies (TPR) consortium comprising of Hewlett Packard, IBM and Quantum have accepted the challenge to start development of LT05 Ultrium media tape cartridge.


Reportedly the storage capacity on each cartridge is estimated upto 1.5 TB native (3.0TB 2.1 compressed) data. The data transfer rate on this new generation LTO Ultrium with increased to 140 MB/s native (280 MB/s 2:1 compressed). The successful development will provide an edge to Sony Corporation’s Storage media division to cope with the system users.

The Sony’s LT0 Ultrium tape cartridge media will modify tape build up to increase recording tracks to generate space for storage density. This will need thinner and longer magnetic partical dust, necessary for tape making.