Sony uncovers the world’s smallest full HD Hanydycam

Sony is quite well-known for making things ‘the smallest,’ ‘lightest,’ ‘fastest’…….. Well, continuing ‘est’ sequence, the company has just uncovered its TG7VE full HD camcorder which houses 16GB of memory and GPS under a staggering compact design.

With its 2.7-inch LED, and nice storage, one can easily take 6hrs of footage and you can even take to it 12hrs with a Memory Stick that gives it another 36GB.

Though according to Sony’s claims, the TG7VE is the world most compact full HD camcorder that according to Sony has the ability to grab loads of attention especially with its GPS chip that quite effectively takes notes of where your footage is formed as well as nicely contrives your location.

Just like its forerunner the well-known TG3E, this new handycam has a robust titanium body with top hard coating that gives nice protection to it against possible falls.

Aside from all that stuff, Sony has also added an arrays of add-ons such as the VCL-HGE07TB and some cases as well to boot with wide angle cap.


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