Sony VAIO UX1 Laptop PC

Sony has introduced a new laptop in the market with very many salient features named as Sony VAIO UX1 Laptop PC. The design of the laptop is really attractive and sporty which definitely makes the users feel comfortable using this laptop. Features that are integrated in this model laptop are par excellent when compared with the other brands available in the market. The retractable keyboard is the most astonishing factor available in this model.

This model is tagged as the slimmest model integrated with 4.5 inches black LCD screen that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. There is also a touch screen and that adds glare to this model and a slide is available in the screen which has a user-friendly keyboard beneath it. To navigate between the touch screen a stylus is also provided which also has a fingerprint reader provision. The credit of first Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) goes to Sony Vaio UX1 Laptop PC which runs with the Windows Vista business edition operating system.

In the normal model laptops, the mouse buttons are normally used to navigate but in this Sony VAIO UX, a joy-stick pad is used. This device is integrated with camera along with the macro-mode button.

Few other impressive features are integrated in this model and that makes the device an outstanding model. Intel Core Solo 1.3GHz U1500 processor helps to run the device along with 32GB hard drive. It also has a 1GB RAM memory along with other connectivity options.

802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi is the connectivity option that is available in this Sony VAIO UX1 Laptop PC with Bluetooth, FireWire, VGA-out and Ethernet with a speed of USB 2.0 port. The weight of the laptop is 532grams and comes with a dimension of 105mm x 38mm x 95mm. This smallest laptop compiles all the high end processors inside the sporty design.

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