Sony VAIO VGN-NR21Z/T: a stylish and comfortable machine

sony_vaio_vgn-nr21zt.jpegTraditionally, Sony’s VAIO array contains discerning laptops with equally discerning prices. With many affordable available models, now the things are different and one of these models is Sony’s VAIO VGN-NR21Z/T that is available in 699 pounds inc. VAT.

With 15.4-inch Super-TFT display, over three hours battery life, nice looking images and Movies and a worth mentioning aspect of portability, now you can consider using the Sony as a substitute for your desktop PC as it’s quite large.

When it comes to multimedia use, NR21 is found at its best and similarly, when it comes to regular office use, Sony is not a less impressive device at all. The model we reviewed had a high-end 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor that was helped by 3072 MB of memory. The NR21 is in fact a laptop that enhances the effectiveness for speed. When running on mains power, we found it among one of the quickest laptops.


The style of this machine is quite conventional. Though textured plastics have been used for the palm rests and the lid, yet it is stylish enough and gives unique as well as forceful results. We noticed that even under pressure, the frame resisted flex and its fat screen around gives a lot of protection.

Sony, just like its others machines, offers a nice keyboard. There are raised centers in the large individually mounted keys that make error free typing quite easier. The touchpad is wide enough and navigation becomes easier with its high responsiveness.


The big part of your money just going towards the high-end components as features are lacking no webcam in specs that means you need an external camera to buy to have video calls. It also goes without Bluetooth and those wish to connect outer displays are bound to use the analogue-only VGA-out port.

It fails to contest the portability of some competitors but the larger screen packs it with sufficient practicality .In short, NR21 is the best machine available at such an affordable price.

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