Haiti Earthquake

Haiti EarthquakeAfter the sad incident of Haiti earthquake, relief hard work is undergoing to recover the missing people. Many locals are lost and their families and friends are extremely disturbed and anxious about the safety of their lives and current locations and health conditions. A team of Googlers is working hard for the Haitian Earthquake victims as a humanitarian approach, with the U.S. State Department to create an online application to figure out the number of lost persons and their number.

The newly started program is ‘People Finder Gadget’, where people can put forward the information about the missing persons. You can view / use this gadget at www.google.com/relief/haitiearthquake and on the State Department website.. To decrease the number of missing people, the details of these people can be found on the People Finder Website, can be easily embedded on any website, which may do this to contribute a little. This gadget is currently accessible in English, Creole and French language.

You can make free phone calls from Google Voice to Haiti, for next two weeks to help find the missing people or to get connected with them. This facility is available at www.google.com/voice , if you do not have an account yet, please log on and request an invitation.

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