Steam Deck already supports over 1000 games

It's been a little over a week since Steam Deck was launched, which already supports over 1,000 games. However, not all of them are fully compatible and belong to the "Can Play" category, but there is a small nuance here:

If 99% of a game's functionality is available, but a crash occurs when running optional or in-game mini-games, or a tutorial video is not displayed, the game is considered unsupported.

Therefore, in fact, the compatibility of the portable console with the Steam library is much higher than you can decide by looking at the list.

At the same time Valve noted that in the sweat of his face is working to improve the functionality of the OS Proton, and here you can not argue. For example, the company promptly resolved a problem with stick drift, which many initially took for a hardware defect.


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