StumbleUpon has been working as eBay Inc. subsidiary for the past two years, but now the web personalization engine has announced that an investor backed startup rank has been returned to it.

Geoff Smith and Garrett Camp the original founders of the company are backing the site now and aside from them many other well-known investors mare going to back the site that include August Capital, Accel Partners, Sherpalo Ventures and Ram Shriram.

This announcement from the web personalization engine was done immediately after the news that eBay is going to sell Skype to its real owner as well.

“We are, indeed, thankful to eBay for its great guidance, but we could realize that there were some long-term synergies in the two businesses and it’s better for both of us to part our ways and put focus on our own strengths, “ says Garrett Camp.

Camp has revealed a lot on the official blog of the company: “It will be quite helpful for StumbleUpon to stay focus on its goal and move quickly towards it. We are trying to develop the best possible product utilizing our previous experiences to introduce few internal changes on it”

eBay acquired StumbleUpon for $75m during May o7, and for the past six months it’s quite up  for sale, though it got 7.4m registered users after its acquisition by eBay.