Symbian Operating System Become Free and Open Source

The Symbian Platform for source codes, from last ten years is now become entirely free and Open Source, The evolution from owning the code to be an open source, is been done first time in the history. And it is the most shocking news ever heard from all the history.

The unique operating service provider was the Symbian, from now on trying even more to produce much more.

Symbian has equipped in most of the Nokia Phones around the world. They have supplied more than 330million devices till now, but it was noticed to get changed in last few years. Nokia was the biggest customer of Symbian, took over the main share in the Symbian. Nokia has now made this platform into a Free and Open Source platform to disperse, and created the process of the code for that year.

In the meanwhile, the basic technology got changed by some other companies, who are also using The Free and Open Source like Google Android, which is now using by the renowned mobile manufacturers of Motorola and HTC.

Symbian give more freedom for the programmers to create more innovative ideas in much wider perspective. And now any company, or an individual programmer can now also amend the code by using Symbian open source.

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