T-Mobile is already running Google’s pre-popular Android OS in one of its handsets, and now the company is also considering using the same in an array of communication devices for home in the coming days.

A confidential document, which has been received from a partner of the company, says that T-Mobile is planning to introduce a home phone as well as a tablet computer next year and they both will run on Google’s Android software.

The device to be plugged into a docking station while data synchronization will be handled with another device as the battery of the phone is recharged.

When Peter Dobrow, a T-Mobile spokesman, was asked about these new plans, he refused to comment on specs of some future products, but he confirmed that the company was planning for many Android based devices.

T-Mobile is quite well-known as the fourth largest wireless carrier in the UK and in August last year, it became the first carrier to offer a cellphone based on Android software.

Though Android is being named as open source software, yet Google has some control over it. However, the other companies will be able to alter the software according to their requirements.