T-Mobile USA will offer Google Android, The New York Time reports

AndroidAccording to a New York Times’ report, T-Mobile USA is going to unleash the new Android software in October.

As it’s being widely believed that the phone has been made by HTC and there rumors that suggest to make the handset a Dream handset that has been waited for a long time.

The New York Times also confirms that Dream will have a touch screen, very similar to HTC Touch but it will also offer a full set of QWERT Keys.

The report suggests that the phone will be available with the new Google Android software and it will be available in September to take the full advantage of the rewarding holiday season.

Android SDK

Sooner or later, the Android platform is being considered to make waves in the cell phone industry. Apple’s AppStore and Nokia owned Symbian Foundation have already proved quite successful in this connection. Let see how far they succeed by releasing their own version of ‘open source’ software.

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