There is news about the announcement of official strategy to set up a speedy 3rd Gen cellular network in the United States by T-Mobile

During September 2006 when T-Mobile paid more than $4 billion for range license, many were expecting that one of the largest U.S. mobile phone service providers will soon give a healthy 3rd Gen UMTS network around the country.
The launching of service of wireless network was expected in 2007 but after a long delay that declaration is at last going to mature very soon or perhaps in some days.

But according to T-Mobile’s spokesperson they have not made any declaration yet and they will inform about all updates via press release. This reply came when the spokesperson was asked to give remarks about reports of coming up launching of the network

But according to which is an informal blog that presents and covers T-mobile and these days showing a T-Mobile announcement that telling about the launch of the company’s network in New York on Thursday but Thursday has become a story of the past but still there is no announcement .There are no comments on that memo from T-Mobile.
The new network will cover almost all the major markets of the U.S till end of this year similarly areas ranging from Southern California to Seattle and from New England to Florida. As it has been shown in the memo available the

There are also reports that T-Mobile will announce additional handsets after sometime. The company is also offering four handsets that have the ability to access network .It has also been stated in the memo that in the early phase of network development 3rd Gen is a new technology that can carry wireless voice calls and data supporting abilities on that network.
As the declaration mentioned in the note didn’t turn up instantly, German parents of T-Mobile and Nokia have made a joint announcement on Friday that they are going to develop joint new plans for the markets in Europe and United States.

According to the companies their partnership will mainly remain focus in increasing to offer personal communal networks especially in Europe but this collaboration will also enhance to T-Mobile’s market in the U.S. In U.S both have supportive collaborations.

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