Televisions are being ushered into a complete different era. No longer do we have floor sets of television from earlier history. Now, we are buying LCD TVs and HDTVs, which costs several thousand dollars.While shelling out such an amount for television sets, an individual forgets the requirement for stands. Most of us try saving a little when it comes to television stand. Saving money means that you require being a little bit creative when it comes to shopping.

Alternative Options
Most HDTVs comes with stands along with them. However, those stands generally drain a nice sum from your pocket. Thankfully, you have other options to turn to. You can opt for steel kits. They are affordable, strong and come in a variety of size. Additional perk available with them is that they are very much easy to assemble. These types of TV stands usually have enough room for holding TV, DVD Player and cable box.


Make your own Stands

Most stands can hold around 200 pounds, so they should be appropriate for your requirements. Some of them have even modern appearance, especially if you consider glass shelves. If you are one of those, who like doing it themselves, then you can even consider constructing your own wooden stand. You’ll find innumerous plans on the web for your stand. A simple idea involves using couple of 3 x 2 x 1 planks. If you are looking for a good wood, you can try cedar that does not require staining. This will be the sides of the stand. You can add shelving too. Use Plexiglas, if you’re looking for a strong and durable shelving material.

Things you should have in mind

You’ve got to always remember the size & weight of your Television. It’s very imperative that whatever TV stand you use, it should be large enough for holding your TV. It’ll be ideal, if your stand weighs more than your TV. In the reverse case, it’ll become too heavy and might pose a threat. Again, it’s a good idea to avert using glass and opt for Plexiglas that is comparatively safer and more durable.

As Televisions are getting more complex, so are the TV stands. You can come across several styles while making a purchase. However, if you are looking for a money saver, you should opt for building your own.

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