So if you thought that after the exercising the easy option of clicking pictures on your hi – tech digital camera, taking prints is a cumbersome process, then think no further. With the advent of many a camera and photo companies introducing digital photo frames, you can now easily transfer, modify and display your favorite images, without the added hassle of awaiting the prints.

For instance, Pandigital has recently introduced its new touch sensitive PanTouch WiFi and Bluetooth frames. Its claims include smudge – free coating, print resistant displays, although the low priced displays may not offer the same quality of bright images as standard LCD displays. The frames are to be made available in the month of May in three models of 7 inch (482 x 234), 8 inch (800 x 600), and 10 inch (1024 x 768) priced at $120, $170, and $250, respectively.

Sometime towards the end of March, Kodak too launched its ‘Easy Share Photo Frames’ with “Quick Touch” borders. The feature allows you to scroll down through the photos merely by sliding along the border of the frame and run various other functions as well such as the audio/ video support. It comes in three models of 7 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch display screens ( P720, M820 and M1020 respectively) with the former being the most basic touch screen photo frame and the latter two models coming with a 128MB of built-in memory, housing the most widely used formats of memory cards. They are expected to hit the market mid- April, priced at $120, $180, and $230, respectively.

If this was a regular dose for a tech- savvy photo frame, check out the 5- in- 1 features of Mustek’s PF- D240. Apart from doing slideshows of the pictures uploaded, the device has a built- in MP3 player, FM radio, a thermometer and an alarm clock that show along with the wallet sized images on the display. Coming in a 2.4-inch 320 x 240 panel, it also features an MMC/ SD expansion slot, a USB 2.0 connector and a pair of one- watt speakers. Its other model, PF- A950PS, that hits the stores this May, will feature 9.5-inch digital photo frame with an 800 x 480 resolution, NXT speakers that are concealed within the screen, a multicard reader that handles SD, MMC, MS, MSPro, xD and CF formats, 128MB of internal memory, USB 2.0 port and playback support of JPEG, AVI, MJPEG and XviD files.

Sony’s DPF-V900, DPF-V700 and DPF-D70 digital photo frames feature 512MB of internal storage with Bluetooth, and have HDMI outs for the first time in digital photo frames technology.

With many more world famous brands in the market introducing cutting edge technology in the area, like AgfaPhoto launching Linux based and Wi- fi equipped digital photo frames, the number of players seem to increase of late in the market, introducing more competition and price wars among the brands. It is now time to wait and see who presents the best picture!

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