Technology to obstruct phones in cars isn’t infallible

Loads of parents would want to give their children a cell phone that couldn’t be functional while driving. A few inventors have actually come up with some ways to do this, however they haven’t seemed to be successful enough.

A Dallas-based WQN Inc has in reality come up with a product that is available with a subscription of $10 a month that can disable the phone of the owner while driving.

It makes use of the GPS technology that can detect the speed of the person who is travelling. But it is difficult to differentiate whether the person is driving and hence it can needlessly lock up the phone.

WQN is the company that sells mobile phone as well as internet security software under the name of WebSafety. The company has further confirmed that it will be signing up 50 customers for the service of the first month.

The surveillance system provided by the same company does more than just disabling cell phones. It can easily monitor a person’s whereabouts and notify the owner’s parents or guardians whenever their kids happen to step out of a designated zone.

It also has the ability to turn off the cell phone at the time of tests in order to avoid cheating through text messaging. Would parents want to prohibit the normal activities of children these days? There are equal chances that the kid might not be driving but sitting in a bus or a train or in someone else’s car.

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