Today, Tesla has unleashed its latest electricity based car, the Model S sedan. The car has been uncovered by Elon Musk, Tesla CEO.

The Model S sedan will be available at a price of $50,000 i.e. £34,500, taking the rebate benefit of $7,500 i.e. £5200 from US federal government. The production of the Model S sedan is relying on the decision of the US Department of Energy.

Musk is looking forward to Tesla attaining a $350 million equivalent to £245 million loan, an opportunity that can be taken as part of President Obama’s package for stimulation.

If Musk succeeds in getting the loan, he will use the money to build a factory in US for the production of Model S.


The first electricity based car by Tesla is Roadster sports car coming at a price level of $109,000 i.e. £75,000. That car has Lotus chassis and is fit together at the British company’s Hethel plant.

According to a report from Mercury News, the car is spacious enough to fit in 5 adults and 2 children. Having all passengers in, the car can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge of batteries. Though, more detailed specs are not been disclosed yet.

Musk also said that they are the pioneer in this regard that they have the 1st electric car to run the highway and was produced on such a massive level. The photographs we have got show that it is a 4 door inspiration of Jaguar. It is controlled through a large touch screen instead of concrete controls.