The Bresson: An even better phone from Samsung.

There are some reports that suggest, Samsung is making a new phone with such specs and features as other phones could only dream of. The codename of this closely kept secret is the Bresson.


According to these reports, Bresson will be available soon with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, an 8Mp camera and high-end office functionality.

The phone has not been confirmed by the Samsung, but it has made it to the ‘coming soon’ sections of independent phone retailers.


It is being said that with its, it will be 1.7-inch thinner than i8510 that has been recently released and thus it may become one of the thinnest mobile phones available in the market today.

There is also the same GPS and accelerometer that has been used in the Omnina, however, it has not been revealed whether it will also use Windows Mobile or not.

It can support full HD TV, so it can pretty much hold anything you run or try for entertainment through it. So far storage is concerned; it can expand up to 16GB using a memory card.  Soon, there will be a decent review to tell you a lot about this phone. So, wait and watch.

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