Whenever you think of Nokia phones, a big range comes to your mind and pushing yourself to know more about them, by visiting a retail outlet or by surfing internet. But one thing is very important to know about Nokia or Nokia phones, that how did they started, what they had produced as first, or what is the evolution of Nokia company?

Here is the first mobile phone produced by the Nokia Cellular Company in 1989.

Nokia was initially involved in developing some mobile radio communication devices since 1960. These technologies were based on ‘oG’ standards, which were pre-cellular used in mobile radio telephony. The technology in your hands today is basically preceded from there, and now you Nokia have become the World’s largest mobile selling companies in the World. The demand is everywhere for Nokia phones and every time on the run.

In 1966, they first developed VHF Radio in affiliation with Salora, further they worked together to create ARP standard to innovate a car radio phone. It developed in 1971, and was fully operational and giving full coverage by end of 1978.

In 1979, they further worked together and developed Mobira Oy. This company proceeded to create mobile phones that happened to come alive in 1981.

In 1984, Nokia bought Salora Oy and gained full ownership of the company and named it Nokia-Mobira Oy. They launched World’s first Nokia phones in 1987, and gained anonymous boost and publicity later on. Today, Nokia phones are still high in demand and leading the World’s with its new, advanced, and every time better quality.

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