The global share of Android devices decreased by 8% in 4 years

Despite the fact that Android remains the dominant mobile OS, its popularity, albeit slowly, but declining: In less than 4 years, the platform from Google has lost 8% of the global market of mobile devices, and Apple iOS, by contrast, has added 6 percentage points. These are the results of a study conducted by StockApps.

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According to StockApps, Android dominated the global mobile OS market in July 2018 with a share of 77.32%, but by January 2022, that figure had dropped to 69.74%. During the same time, the global share of iOS increased from 19.4% to 25.49%, that is, it gained an additional 6 percentage points.

We can only speculate on the reasons for such dynamics, but it is possible that they are related to Apple's attempts to expand its product line, covering a wider audience with offers such as the iPhone SE and the entry-level iPad. This is obviously not enough to beat Android, though. Google's OS, on the other hand, has taken the lead because the developer has made its source code available. While iOS is installed only on gadgets from Apple, Android runs an incomparably larger number of devices, not only smartphones and tablets. And, of course, an important factor is the price of products with Android.

The regional distribution of mobile OS is also interesting. In Africa, the share of iOS and Android devices in the mobile market is 14% to 84%. In Europe, the ratio is 30% versus 69.32%. In Asia - 18% and 81%, and in South America - 10% and 90%. But in North America and Oceania the ratio is fundamentally different: 54% for iOS and only 45% for Android.

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