There are thousands of portable media players out there in the market, but the manufacturers never seem to stop, do they? Well, it’s good for us consumers as long as they keep coming out with something like the Inngenio 6000. Read on for what got us excited about this one.

Energy Sistem is more or less now recognized as a major player in the portable media player market. The Inngenio 5000 model was something in itself and the 6000 seems to be in a league of its own. Priced at about $140, we have no second thoughts in recommending the Inngenio 6000 to you if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for the Apple iPod Touch. Now what makes this PMP different from others already in the market is the fact that despite being low on cost and slender in figure, this baby packs a punch when it comes to the feature set.

The shiny steel casing makes it feel sturdy and looks stylish. The TFT QVGA high resolution screen measures 2.8 inches and it’s touch screen is responsive and very effective in controlling the numerous features that Inngenio has carefully built in it.

Unlike the iPod Touch it comes with an expandable microSD card slot in addition to its built in 2GB memory. In addition it also features a speakerphone that’s loud enough for personal hearing, a built it FM radio tuner, games that might just interest you, a microphone and has 8 different equalizer settings. It is compatible with MPEG4 (XVID to AVI with audio MP2) / MP3 / WMA / WAV / JPG / BMP / TXT video, audio, image and text formats. It supports USB 2.0 and measures 91 x 52 x 9 mm and weighs 83 grams.

To sum it up, for the price it’s a killer deal and the PMP to buy if you are on a budget. As of now it’s only available in Spain, but placement in rest of the world should follow soon.

Highlighted Features via product page:

* Headphones Hi-Fi with neodymium magnets.

* T-HDP: touch-screen TFT QVGA high resolution and built-in speakerphone.

* M-E: memory expansion card Micro-SD.

* Reading e-Book TXT configurable with markers.

* Radio FM presets and integrated with recording.

* Digital Voice Recorder.

* Lithium rechargeable.

* Games.

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