The MOTO W755 is available online

As announced by Verizon Wireless and Motorola, the MOTO W755 is available online exclusively at Verizon Wireless as well as in Verzion Wireless Communication stores.

The MOTO W755: a new slim clamshell that is best for all those features and capacities that Verizon Wireless customers were expecting for their wireless phones. With the finest soft touch and polished vacuum metal finishes the device has got an advanced design. Just 0.68-inch clamshell is available in Black Slate and Purple color options.

To allow customers a quick search for different song tracks, title and genre, the MOTO W755 has a trouble-free access to Verzion Wireless ‘V CAST music service with exterior touch-detective controls on the phone. With these external controls users can also activate Bluetooth, adjust ring volume and mute calls without even opening the phone. There are more than 3 million songs on V CAST that uses the latest technology to offer music to customers over-the-air and directly to their wireless phones. The MOTO W755 also offers the following features to music lovers.

  • AAC, MIDI, MP3, AMR NB and WMA V9 as music players for formats
  • 2.5mm headset jack
  • The latest Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Form and run playlists with Windows Media Player 11

To provide more than one way of entertainment, there is a 1.3 megapixel camera that allows user to easily capture still and video shots even self-portraits. First record videos and images and then enjoy them on a crisp 1.9-inch inside display.

The MOTO W755 has also many other additional features like V CAST Video, VZ Navigator, microSD card memory ,mobile chat ,mobile Web and Media centre capabilities with video, picture and text messaging .

The MOTO W755 is priced around $69.99 and for more information about availability and price you can visit

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