According to Tom’s Hardware website, it has been heard from Nvidia that new Mini is coming to markets soon. The said Mini is expected to be available pretty soon in March. It will be based on Nvidia Ion chipset. These chipsets are well known for their small size and high performance.

This revised version of the mini is due since long. The news of its launch has been heard many times without any fruitful results. It seems that we will be seeing it happening after all of the long waiting.

The specifications of ion platform were revealed at the CES; Consumer Electronics Show.

It is based on Intel Atom 330 central processing unit and a graphics processor from Nvidia; 9400M. They are well combined to make this efficient equipment.

Nvidia calls Mac Mini: “the world’s smallest, premium, visual computing PC.”It holds the capabilities of producing high definition graphics in small resolution with the best quality.

It is understood by the statement from Nvidia that the new Mac Mini is coming in a small size than before. It can certainly mean that we may see a new Apple TV in the near future.

The Ion platform’s area of work will be to decode a full 1080p high definition video. High definition devices are already available in the market.

The main focus of the buyers at this point of time is price. It is still unknown what price tag this product will be wearing. It is a general perception that devices with a high price will not be welcomed during this recession period.