The new PS3 80GB offers an unforgettable gaming experience

When Sony introduced the PlayStation 3 in November 2006, it was quite expensive and truly speaking, it couldn’t be counted a great package. That’s why the sale was phenomenally poor during early days.


But now after 18 months of the initial UK launch, the console has proved a totally different product with regular firmware updates, price cuts and several new models.

And today, the 60GB model is breathing his last and new born 80GB is restless to take his place.

So far price is concerned, its £125 lesser than the original launch price. Now you will get a better games console in £299.
Though some hardware have been trimmed off, the 80GB PS3 is still a nice gaming console. There were more USB ports and front-mounted card reader in the previous models and it also had a chip for compatibility with PS2 games. These features are no more, but it’s a fantastic gaming console despite missing these features.

It would be a sane thing to describe the PlayStation 3 just a games console as it has a integrated media centre with super-slick gaming powerhouse.


With its magical IBM Cell processor, it is, indeed, more powerful than the Xbox 360. It has full-HD 1080p graphics that feels quite nice. It 80GB hard drive is not less than a boon as the games installed to hard drive load quickly. There is the enormity of GTA IV on the device, beyond the initial start-up no loading screens are there. The best thing about the PS3 is that it supports open standard and compatible with similar sort of hardware as in your PC.

It comes with integrated Bluetooth for the SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 controllers and furthermore, you can use that Bluetooth with any Bluetooth device you think about.

You can chat with your friends when playing multiplayer games as it can sync with your Bluetooth headset.
There isn’t Bluetooth in the Xbox 360 and it also doesn’t have built-in Wireless B/G networking while PS3 has both. Perhaps, that’s the reason it’s slightly more expensive than the Xbox 360 Elite.

Built-in Blu-ray drive is considered the main trump card of the PS3 and the addition of this feature should be underestimated as it enables you getting two £300 devices at the price of one. There are regular PS3 firmware updates that help to keep Blu-ray player up to date with the newest features.

DVD playback in the PS3 is also somewhat exceptional and DVD movies look fantastic because of its Cell processor that upscale DVDs to 1080p HD.


The PS3 is compatible with well-known media formats, audio, video and pictures. There is a recent addition in the firmware known as DivX playback that allows you to play downloaded videos on the PS3. You can also copy them to a USB storage device.

In short, the new PS3 80GB offers an unforgettable gaming experience with its high quality features and reasonable price. If you really want to have a realistic gaming experience, none can provide you except the PS3, keep my word!

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