The New Samsung X-Series

Samsung X-SeriesThe new Samsung is all about crispy thinness and light, low-voltage X-series notebooks. The X120, X520 and X420 are some of the releases that are taking place along with the much talked about Windows 7.

This is a range that is coming with lots of facilities that you would love. The modern technology in them is all about retention of great and super fast work. The IFA 2009 saw a grand release of the range. After the X360 these are the new order of the series to be reckoned with.

Samsung retail products’ Manager, Daniel Hill, has explained that the UK releases comes alongside the release of the Windows 7 with the two refreshing starts coming along to change people’s life and their way of computing. The Windows 7 gets launched in October 22nd with the new version being confirmed to be working with the X-series, replacing the Windows XP.

 sCredit: techradar

The X120 will see Intel Core 2 Solo working with it along with the Core 2 Duo chips. The memory from one model to another can vary from 2 GB to 4 GB.

Source: techradar

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