Touchscreen has come up as the latest and hottest trend in the cell phone arena, particularly, after the arrival of Apple’s iPhone.

Market pundits believe that touchscreen driven phones would replace a considerable number of traditional keypad phone and perhaps that’s why almost all the big players seem to focus on touchphones and sparing no effort to put each and every feature in their touchphones.

We don’t know why, but apparently Nokia seemed somewhat allergic with touchscreen throughout the previous year, but now the advent of their fabulous Nokia 5800 Xpress suggests that they have a different mind set now.

Though these guys might have released touchphones before, none of their touchphone was highly anticipated. But we can expect that the new Nokia 5800 Xpress would be highly anticipated because it is simple, awesome and user-friendly.

Along with usual Nokia excellence and sleek looks, it offers you all what you can expect from a nice feature-full touchscreen phone.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress offers an utterly new cell phone experience that you wouldn’t find in many high-end cell phones available today and it’s mainly because of its superb Symbian OS that really manifests tons of excellence. No doubt, you would find it one of the most intuitive handsets you have ever come across.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress serves as the nicest addition in the Nokia’s well-known XpressMusic series and it’s enough to reveal that the sounds would be awesome, but this time you would control your music with the nice touch screen as well.

You touch slightly and go with the music of your choice. To thrill your visual sense with incomparable photos, it features a 3mp camera and yet again you can do all that just with slight touches.

Some other nice features to blow your mind are the touch-based maps that you can navigate through GPS that can get you on the internet with a furious 3.6Mbps broadband speed. Black and red are two popular color choices for it.

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