The Nokia 6500 classic: A review

The Nokia 6500 Classic is considered Nokia’s thinnest phone so far. It’s thin as well as stunningly beautiful with its polished metal casing. It has all what most people want from a phone, as it’s quite easy to use and excellent in making calls, taking pictures and playing music. This 3G phone has 1 GB memory and stereo headset, but the thing that is missing is video calling and similarly keypad is quite small and battery life is not impressive at all. It is available in Silver, Black and Bronze.

This slimmest Nokia 3G phone looks and feels quite charming with its sleek aluminum casing that comes in Black, Bronze and Silver. Though its keypad is a bit small, it is quite functional with nice navigation keys.  A plain Series 40 interface and an ergonomic design make this phone quite easy to use. The thing that is really enjoyable is the large and ultra high-resolution LCD display that boasts the latest 16 million color display technology. The display allows you to easily customize with a choice of themes.

It features a 2 megapixel camera without autofocus, a competent music player but with support for Bluetooth stereo headsets, a video camera, good connectivity through Bluetooth and USB, and 1 GB fixed memory. It’s true that there nothing to get quite excited, but it has all that most people care about. It’s a 3G phone, but video calling is missing as there is no front-facing camera. A Nokia Stereo Headset HS-82 and a microUSB Connectivity Cable CA-101 have been included in the sales package that shows how generous Nokia is.

A fixed memory of 1GB is one of the unusual features of the 6500 Classic 920 Mb of it is available to the user .It has good as well as bad points. Let’s talk about bad first: there isn’t any slot to increase the memory beyond 1 GB, but 920MB is still enough to store 200-300 songs and it makes all memory accessible in one place with copying data from internal memory to memory card. We reckon it a good solution for a mid-range sort of phone like the 6500 Classic.

Poor battery life is another thing to point out, but it is not surprising at all for a 3G handset .You may need to charge it every other day.

In short, the 6500 Classic is charming and loveable because of its beautiful design and easy to use features. You can’t say it all-singing and all-dancing sort of phone, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.  It has all that most people want to have from their phone, but it could be much better with a bit bigger key pad and good battery life.

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