The Nokia 6600 slide: a review

The Nokia 6600 is 3G phone with a slide design, a wide high-resolution OLED display, 3.2mp camera, and a lot of other nice and bright features. It comes with Bluetooth, expandable memory, an FM radio, video calling facility and an excellent MP3 player. Though it seems somewhat lacking in some advanced features, it’s a nice mid-range phone with simple and easy to use functionality. So far battery life is concerned, it is not quite praiseworthy.

You may find the Nokia 6600 slide quite similar to the Nokia 6500 Slide, as it has almost all those features that you have seen in the 6500 Slide. The thing that makes it somewhat different is its design. It’s not metallic ,big and square like the 6500 Slide, contrarily it is curvy, compact and shiny that give it somewhat feminine look. It also looks like a tiny N96.

It’s not as heavy and robust as the 6500 Slide, but still feels quite weighty in hand. The 2.2 inch screen is quite spacious with an attractive OLED display that features QVGA resolution and 16m colors.

Its 3.2 mp camera is above average with a dual LED flash and autofocus. If can expect the same quality results as you have found in the 6500 Slide camera. Video camera is also fine that allows you to record in VGA resolution. It houses only 20 MB built-in memory, but don’t worry it can be expanded with a 512MB memory card that has been included in the sale package. However, if you need more storage, you can place microSD memory card and increase the storage up to 16GB.

As it’s a 3G, we can expect it to be a proficient internet device that offers fast downloading and an exceptional internet experience with a big screen to view websites, videos and photos. It has already installed opera mobile browser and Macromedia Flash Lite 3.0.

A worth mentioning new feature of this device is its touch sensibility, you can reject a call or since the ring just by tapping it. Similarly, alarm can also be put on silence just with little tapping. This is the feature that makes it different from the Nokia 6500 Slide, but you have to quit the habit of tapping phone if you do so in frustration.

Though it has a lot of those features that can also be seen in the 6500 Slide, we can’t say it an upgrade version of the 6500 Slide. In looks, it is totally different from the Slide 6500, as it’s not as heavy and big as the 6500 Slide and the tap feature is its real essence. But for battery life, we can only say that heavy user must avoid buying this phone.

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