The Nokia 8800 Arte is one of Nokia’s most exclusive handsets, as it’s not one of those that you can see in a lot of hands while passing through street. The 8800 Arte is something more than a tech gadget or a workhorse phone as it looks like a luxury item. This 3rd Gen gem has a 3 megapixel camera, music player and tons of good looks. So far price is concerned; you may not find it a right phone for you.

In Nokia’s premium range of phones, the Nokia 8800 Arte is the latest handset after the 8800, 8800 Sirocco and 86 Luna respectively.

It seems that Nokia doesn’t seem satisfied with the price tag of £400 – £500 and that’s why the price is almost double. Perhaps, it’s because of price tag that the many of these phones are not seen in the street.

The standard 8800 Arte has a black metal and glass finish, but a Sapphire Arte version is also available in the market. Truly speaking, the Sapphire Arte doesn’t seem impressive at all, however, the black one is quite charming.

The best thing in the 8800 Arte its subtle design details and the highest quality materials and they become quite obvious when the phone responds. For example, you need just to turn the phone face down if you want to silence a ring. Similarly, when you tap the phone, it begins to display the time.

There are living wallpaper in the phone that change according to the time and state of the phone. Just like many other premium range phones, it has exclusive themes, graphics and ringtones. Usually, glossy black phones act as fingerprint magnet, but in the Arte 8800, there is a specific anti-fingerprint coating that protects phone from such problems and keeps it in the best possible condition.

So far features are concerned; this 3G mobile phone has a 3.2mp camera, nice display and a good music player. However, there is no radio unlike Sirocco and the 8600. Perhaps, the radio has not been included as Nokia’s recent market research suggests that a radio in mobiles isn’t a big deal these days. The phone has 1 GB built-in memory, but it comes without any memory card. Nokia thinks that 1GB of memory is enough for the users whom Nokia has targeted.

Weight-wise it’s quite heavy with 150g and this weight is because of excessive use of metal that can be seen in very and cranny of the phone. The Nokia 8800 Arte is slim, but we can’t say it an ultra-slim phone. It’s quite thinner than Samsung’s slide phone. The only thing that can be improved further is somewhat small keypad.

With the Nokia 8800 Arte, you can get several extras in the sales package (considering its price, you may not find it generous enough) including a linen-lined pouch, Bluetooth headset and a desk stand.

It seems that the Arte has been aimed at those who have plenty of disposable income and who want a design that is exclusively ahead of many other latest tech gadgets. Similarly, it is suitable for those who want to create an impression by sacrificing some degree of usability.

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