The Smallest Hard Drive by Seagate for Trim Laptops

Momentus Thin Hard Drive

Momentus Thin Hard DriveSeagate Technologies have introduced the smallest and thin drive of the world. This hard disk is of only 2.5 inches. Seagate hard disk is especially manufactured for ultra-transferable and entry-level laptops, backup devices, high quality net books and also useful for consumer electronics as well.

This Momentus thin hard drive provides some original equipment manufacturers and system integrators particularly very low cost-per-gigabytes storage memory than the solid state. 90% of today’s netbook computers are available with the features of 9.5mm, 2.5-inch hard drives because the hard drives of solid state are mainly cost-excessive for the modern market.

Momentus thin drive offers some reasonable and thin storage for your Trim Laptops. This thin drive also enables the computer manufacturers to provide systems that reach a foreign market. Momentus thin hard drives are particularly made to help the computer manufacturers to make a distinction on better compete and mobile computing form features in the fast-growing markets of netbooks and other slim laptop computers.

Seagate reveals OEM and other system integrator partners in order to meet the market requirements for thin laptop computers.  Momentus hard disk is so much authentic and useful in its performance and other power efficacies. This thin hard drive features two different capacity points that are 160GB and 250GB. This thing hard drive is scheduled to ship to the Seagate’s Integrator partners and OEMs in January 2010.

Seagate Momentus Thin DrivesPhoto by stxflickr

The Seagate Momentus Thin Drives assist the laptop manufacturers by offering them sweeping upgraded path to produce low cost laptop PCs for home and business users. Momentus hard disks are also offering normal businesses and other customer applications, to feature rich, high efficacy laptop PCs and standard sized popular thin models as well. This thin hard disk features high quality sound and reliability requirements for entry-level, conventional and other high-performance laptop computers.

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