Storm 2 TouchscreenThe new Storm 2’s touchscreen tech has been explained well through the released video. It is really easy to use this extremely useful and handy device. The WiFi facility for this gadget has also been confirmed.

The series of videos have been displayed with extreme clarity to present its use. These videos really make up for the different explanations that had been previously missing with the use of this phone .the video series painstakingly explain the processes involved.

The video accounts for the details of the usage and any novice can actually follow these to get the best out of them. In no uncertain terms are the GSM and CDMA version unclarified with these video stories. The OS is soon going to be expected to be coming with these releases.

They have been widely spread across Twitter and different social media to get across to all users. Instead of the all or nothing approach to the Storm 1, one can really use this to the best of one’s ability and have fun with the new technology.

Source: engadget

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