The world’s thinnest 5-megapixel CMOS sensor by Sharp

Sharp and sharpness are synonym, not only in words but also in actions. Sharp’s sharpness is getting further pointed with every passing day and this 5-megapixel CMOS sensor is just a manifestation of that pointedness. This 5-megapixel CMOS sensor with 9.5-x9.5-x 6.6-millimeters is being considered the smallest in the industry. This thin size will make it easier to slip sensor in already overcrowded insides of the upcoming cell phones. Samples have been slated to vessel out at the end of this month around $96 and its commercial production will be started after a month.


It is interesting to watch how it competes to the present higher-resolution cellphone cameras like the LG’s Viewty.

No doubt a tiny sensor with high pixel is somewhat creditable but the question rises about the quality pics as it must not be like a disposable camera.

sharplogo.jpgAbout Sharp Corporation

Sharp is not needy of any introduction as its electronic goods are part and parcels of every home in almost all the courtiers of the world. Sharp is considered one of the leaders of digital technologies and LCDs. Besides developing new network businesses, Sharp offers an endless range of consumer electronic goods, information products and other heavy electronic machinery.

Presently 58,900 people are working with the company worldwide and it’s recorded annual sales during fiscal year 2006-07 was around 3,127,771 million yen. To know more about the company just make visits at http: //

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