Three new super keyboards from Logitech

The Illuminated Keyboard, The Cordless Desktop S520 and the diNovo are those three keyboards that will be launched by Logitech in the next month.

With just 9.3mm from base to frame, Illuminated Keyboard is being considered the thinnest design yet from the company. It is expected that the full-size backlit model will be available with a price tag of around £50.

The Cordless Desktop S520 is a full-size black and grey keyboard that has rounded edges and gentle curves and it will be sold around £40. There is also a cordless laser mouse that according to Logitech claims is even smoother that the optical versions. It offers four programmable F-keys and 1-touch access to Internet browser, Word and Excel.

So far diNovo is concerned; it has Logitech’s PerfectStroke key system that makes your typing experience quite fluent, comfortable and silent. With black and silver combination, the diNovo looks quite stylish and has been especially designed to use with notebook PCs. Though no price has been annou8nced for UK, it is expected that it will be sold around €90 worldwide. According to Logitech, its batteries can provide you three years’ juice and 2.4GHz wireless technology helps to reduce interference that keeps you away from delays and drop outs.

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