FacebookFacebook is one of those social networking websites which overthrew almost every other social networking counterpart and has today become one of the most famous social networking websites on this planet. I don’t have any single friend who isn’t present on facebook.

Its traffic is growing exponentially and people are innovating new and unique ways to spend more and more time on facebook. The virtual world of facebook has almost everything for its users.

From communities for those who love to talk to applications for those who want to enhance their facebook experience. Today we will talk about 10 such facebook games which are made solely for those who want to spend the rest of their lives on facebook. Beware! You can easily get addicted.



KickmaniaKickmania is for the frustrated lot. Yeah! Are you frustrated of your daily life? You actually feel like kicking everyone’s ass? Is your boss sitting on your head? Then this is the game for people like you. Though it possesses low level violence yet the level of fun in this game is quiet high. You can kick your counterpart’s ass and see them fly in air and crash onto a wall of bricks. Kick them farther than anybody else and you become their owner. Won’t it be exciting if you get to owe your own boss!


Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm PokerDo I need to tell you people anything about poker? Poker websites have totally gripped the Internet and facebook is no different. In this game while playing you can chat with your friends and can compete in Facebook Texas Hold’em Championship Title against other facebook users. Chat with your friends, create strategies, and be the champion (at least in the virtual world).


Mob Wars

Mob WarsDoes the mafia look entice you? If yes, then Mob Wars is for you. It is all about mafia wars on the virtual world of facebook. It has everything from a hospital to a bank. Loot the bank, get wounded, and enjoy the facilities of the hospital.


Who Has the Biggest Brains

Who Has the Biggest BrainsWell, this is for those overly confident geniuses who think that they are the ultimate source of knowledge on this planet. Play this game and prove if you are actually that brainy! And if you actually are that brainy then why not invite your friends and show off a little.



ScrambleOops! This is actually about correct English and correct spellings. Not really for those who used to bunk their classes and never pay attention to spellings. Over 2.5 million users are already playing this game. What are you waiting for?


Word Challenge

Word ChallengeNot really like scramble but this is also for those who never bunked classes and took the spellings of English words seriously. These games can also help you to improve your spellings. Try them!


Bowling Buddies

Bowling BuddiesThis is another game that won’t require any introduction. Everybody loves bowling and so do you. This game makes it a must for you to try this 3D bowling which has plenty of options like customizing your avatars, easy controls, and plenty of achievements to target. Invite your friends and start bowling off everyone around you.


Tower Bloxx

Tower BloxxWell, this hasn’t yet become part of the wave but it has all the potentials to become famous very soon. This game is about constructing skyscrapers and touching heights. This game lets you test your puzzle skills and also lets you build homes for the very famous Tower Toons. The winds up their test your skills and this is when the game goes crazy.


Crazy Taxi

Crazy TaxiCar racing has always been part of games at every level. So is the case with facebook. Crazy Taxi lets you run your cars at the max speed that you can actually touch. You can dodge different cars, speed up your own car, and lastly jump over other cars!



fluff friendsUsing this game facebook users adopt a lovely pet which is displayed on their profiles. You can give it a name while your friends start petting it, leave message on the pet’s wall, and feed the pet. You can even buy stuff for your pet and give gifts to friends who love your pet. This game is about organizing social networking within social networking!

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