firefox-logoAlmost everyone who has some better know-how of the online world prefers to use FireFox. Internet savvy People know well that this web browser is quite awesome for a smooth and friendly web surfing.

One can make it even better by adding an array of tools for improved functionality and customization according to your needs.

Here are some tools that can turn this awesome web browser into a great shopping tool:


Woot Watcher

If you want to get information about various available items, prices and other stuff, Woot Watcher is a real thing for you as it quite effectively monitor the website and keep you inform about the latest happenings in prices and items.




If you are considering adding some social element in your shopping through Amazon, BuyBuddy can serve your purpose best. This add-on finds the products as you go through the Website. It also tags these located products and when these tagged products are purchased, this tool automatically selects some of your buddy to relate with that buying.


Price Protecter Toolbar

You will find an array of nice and cool features in the Price Protecter Toolbar: you can watch the price just with one single click after searching any product right from the toolbar. You can also save some product to buy it later as well as watch the retailer rating.



Currency Converter

If you often have to deal in different currencies, currency converter can be very handy for you. All you need to do is to click on your desired currency data on some webpage to make conversion of this amount in more than 180 foreign exchange rates.



Coupon Searcher

If you want to know about the latest deals, you can make the most of Coupon Searcher which is a multi-feature browser toolbar to search best deals. It is available in FireFox as well as IE versions.


KeepCash Coupon Notifier

KeepCash Coupon Notifier notifies you when some online coupons exist on your shopping site. It reminds you about the availability of online coupons for your enjoyment.



Price Drop

If you want to add a link to any product that invites you to follow its price on Amazon, Price Drop is a shopping tool can be very handy in this connection. You can just start tracking by just going to Amazon product page.




Another nice and effective shopping addon for IE and FireFox is PriceAdvance that looks for the lowered offered price at Amazon, WalMart or BestBuy.


______________________________________________________________________________________ Extension

PackageMapping extension is a tool that you can use to track some package information and to show the progress of this tracking at Google Maps. FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS are four services providers that are currently supported by this service.



Grocery List Generator

If you are looking for some tool that for making grocery shopping easy, Grocery List Generator is a really nice addon for this purpose. It can effectively develop a nice and organized grocery list for you and makes grocery shopping a lot easier for you.


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