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Smart phones are nothing but an ordinary mobile which makes our life smarter and also makes smoother. In this fast growing world we have to keep contact with our clients, colleagues, friend’s etc this can be provided by smart phones which give instant access to the internet and also it serves as multimedia devices. Let us see some of the best smart phones of the year 2010.

1. Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple is one of the most famous companies around the world. Apple has launched it’s iPhone series which is very popular through out the world. It has 3.5 inch touch screen which is bigger and smarter and its memory is quite high 32GB which is inbuilt memory. Camera  provides 3.2  megapixel having autofocus option which is great and also its battery back up life is very good .So it is considered as best iPhone 3GS of the year 2010.Its 3G is very fast in accessing the internet.

Photo by Tom Baker

2. Motorola Droid

Motorola is also an American company known for its best mobiles. Let us see the most fascinating mobile that is droid phone. The display size of the mobile is 3.7 inch, having powerful digital camera which is 5 megapixels with autofocus .Default phone memory is 256mb and it can be extendable to 16GB.It has some of the best features of Google that is navigation application maps which is very useful for the users. Droid mobile uses android OS which is a new generation operating system having many features.

Photo by mintyfreshflavor

3. HTC Nexus One

Nexus One is one of the best mobiles that come under Google android family having very good processor, stylish in look. Main features of this mobile are we can lock all the versions of this mobile. It has display screen which is of 3.7 inch in size and with AMOLED touch screen. It is provided with camera which is 5 megapixels with autofocus. Resolution of the display is 480*800 pixels also it has stereo Bluetooth with 10 hours of talk time.

Photo by CDernbach

4. BlackBerry Storm 2

BlackBerry has a display size of 3.25 inch which is touch screen having 3.25 mp of camera with video recording. The color of the display is 480*360pixels with high resolution having 65000 colors. BlackBerry is quad band mobile provided with QWERTY key pad which is smarter and it is mainly used for internet purpose.

Photo by StrebKR

5. Palm Pre

A palm pre mobile is having wide touch screen which runs in palm pre OS platform. It has 3.2 inch display which has the resolution of 320*480. Camera is provided with 3 megapixels which is not enough to take a good snap. Palm web OS is one of the unique operating system of palm mobiles. Talk time is 5 hours.

Photo by Drew MacKenzie .com

6. T-mobile myTouch 3G

T mobile is a sleek ,smart phone having 3G which has the display size of 3.2 inch touch screen.  It is provided with 3.2 mega pixel camera with video recording also display resolution of the mobile is 480*320 pixel. It has three different colors like glossy white, metallic black etc.

Photo by ubergizmo

7. BlackBerry Bold Series

This BlackBerry Bold is very thin, sleek and also it has QWERTY key pad having a fast processor which runs under black berry OS .It has optical track pad which is very useful for the users, 3.5mm head jack to hear the music clearly. Size of the display is 2.44 inch having a of resolution 480*360pixel provided with 3.2 mega pixel camera which is used to take snaps also this mobile is capable of  providing the 3G facility.

Photo by flickr

8. HTC Hero

This mobile is having3.2 inch TFT LCD touch screen which gives super clarity having 320*480 HVGA resolutions. This smart mobile is provided with 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus which runs under android operating system. HTC mobile improved a lot in this version comparing other version of the mobile. HERO series mobiles are known for its 3G and WIFI features providing fastest internet access to the users.

Photo by louisvolant

9. Nokia N97 Mini

Nokia N97 is the most famous smart phone in the world. But its hardware is outdated having slow processor i.e. 434ARM 11 .Its display size is 360*640 pixels having 3.2 inch screen display. It has a good camera having 5 mega pixels with auto focus feature. Symbian OS 9.4 operating system is used in the mobile. Expandable memory is there with 8 GB which is quite large for the inbuilt memory. Nokia supports both 2G AND 3G network.GPS is provided to find the place where we are located.

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10. T Mobile

  • This mobile provides 3 megapixel camera with auto focus
  • Internal memory of this mobile is 256 MB
  • Google maps is installed
  • Talk time of the mobile is 315 minutes over 3G and 4oo min over 2G.

T mobile is having good scope among the people but it lacks some features like lack of Android OS and also it is not having clear sound, lack of base reflection head phone, internal memory of this mobile is very low these are the things that should be taken in our mind while buying T mobiles. While purchasing smart mobile some basic features should be taken in account.

Photo by JoeyPeter

Most of the smart phones in the market allows browsing and also helps to load WebPages quickly. In addition to this it provides quicker access to the browsing with the help of 2G and 3G.while selecting high profile smart phones we have to consider camera clarity, display clarity, talk time of the battery have to be taken in account because that is very important while considering the status of smart phones.

Smart phones should have windows operating system or else android operating system that’s very important. Multimedia features should be good that is very important here while purchasing smart phones without that it cannot be consider as a smart phone also we have to take its display clarity it should have resolution of 16 million colors or else more that is very important.

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