Top 5 best monoblocks for work

Sometimes a monoblock can be much more convenient than a PC or laptop. The device is a computer that combines a monitor and a housing. Its main advantage is that in weight, design and dimensions it is almost identical to an LCD monitor, but thanks to the padding it can solve a variety of tasks.

In offices where there is little space on desks (for documents, stationery), the monoblock saves it, and besides, it is easy to transport, as there are no connecting cables. And the built-in acoustics are quite capable of streaming movies that you can watch during your lunch break.

Apple iMac 24″ MGPD3RU/A 2021 г

It's hard to classify this monoblock as a budget model, but you won't regret the purchase! The stunning all-in-one design is made possible by the Apple M1 processor, and the 24-inch 4.5K resolution display delivers stunningly realistic images.

The best camera and microphones implemented in the product ensure that you will be heard and seen perfectly. The system includes 6 speakers that create fantastic sound. The monoblock is available in a variety of colors, so picking a model that fits your office design won't be difficult.

Advantages Apple iMac 24″ MGPD3RU/A 2021:

  • design;
  • processor speed;
  • 4.5-inch screen;
  • compact.

Disadvantages Apple iMac 24″ MGPD3RU/A 2021:

  • No USB output;
  • The keyboard takes some getting used to.

Lenovo V50a-24IMB 11FL000KRU

If you are looking for a worthy model of monoblock for work, we suggest you get better acquainted with the technical characteristics of this product. This multifunctional device is designed for productivity.

Advantages Lenovo V50a-24IMB 11FL000KRU:

  • MVA array;
  • good graphics;
  • i7-10700 performance.

Disadvantages Lenovo V50a-24IMB 11FL000KRU:

  • Under heavy load, noisy;
  • no wireless keyboard/mouse.

High performance is achieved thanks to the Intel Core i3-10100T processor with built-in adapter and 8GB of RAM. The 23.8-inch IPS screen delivers crisp images, you can even watch a movie in between work!

MSI Pro 24X 10M 10M-212RU Intel Core i3-10110U

Another worthy model on the market, suitable for office work. All Pro 24X series monoblocks feature an incredibly thin 6.5 mm chassis and a stylish stand.

The model has 8 GB of memory and can be expanded to 32 GB if necessary. The product's screen type is IPS, so users are happy with the fact that it conveys clear and bright images.


Advantages MSI Pro 24X 10M 10M-212RU Intel Core i3-10110U:

  • concise appearance;
  • price / quality ratio.

Disadvantages MSI Pro 24X 10M 10M-212RU Intel Core i3-10110U:

  • No built-in webcam.


HP 24-df0017ur 14P88EA AMD Athlon Silver 3050U

HP 24-df0017ur 14P88EA AMD Athlon Silver 3050U

This easy to operate monoblock won't let you down in any situation. The AMD Athlon 3050U processor provides high performance.

The 23.8-inch monoblock displays bright and crisp images, so you can watch movies or clips during your lunch break. There's 256GB of SSD storage for file storage, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also supported.


Advantages HP 24-df0017ur 14P88EA AMD Athlon Silver 3050U:

  • Fast;
  • comfortable to carry;
  • design.

Disadvantages HP 24-df0017ur 14P88EA AMD Athlon Silver 3050U: 

  • Price.

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO A540-24ICB F0EL00DFRK Intel Core i3-9100T

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO A540-24ICB F0EL00DFRK Intel Core i3-9100T

It can be hard to decide which tech is best, but if there's a ready supply, why not take advantage of it? This is a great monoblock with Intel UHD Graphics 630 pre-installed and Windows 10 Home.


You can not only work in this monoblock, but also play in it. Typically, the model is used for office work - it's great for editing documents, record keeping and working with graphics programs.


Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO A540-24ICB F0EL00DFRK Intel Core i3-9100T benefits:

  • 4-core Intel Core i3 9100T processor;
  • 8GB memory;
  • Screen with a diagonal of 23.8 inches.

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO A540-24ICB F0EL00DFRK Intel Core i3-9100T disadvantages:

  • Sometimes slows down.

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