Top 5 Google Chrome Browser add-ons

Google Chrome Browser add-ons

Google Chrome Browser add-onsGoogle chrome as we all know is a very popular tool. It has recently been launched and has already become a very popular browser. However, a lot of users are unaware of the add-ons it provides. These add-ons greatly enhance the performance of the browser. The first add on that comes to mind is the Google chrome backup. It is a tiny tool that helps you to create, backup, restore and manage the Google chrome profile. Your profile can hold personal data like name, history, bookmarks, favourites, etc.

To use this add on you will have to install it first. This tool supports the version of Google chrome. First select a profile from the given drop down menu. This can be done by slicking on the profile tools menu. In order to create backup for your current profile, click on the backup profile option and then select a proper backup path. A new file is created. This file will hold your profile. Similarly, click on restore profile to restore your profile back to the older one. With the help of this add on you can create or delete profiles. The tray icon enables fast access. The option of running the Google chrome backup is available at the windows start up.

The second add on which we would like to tell you about is the chrome loader. You have already witnessed the fast and flashy performance of Google chrome. Now you must want to take it to your thumb drive wherever you travel. For this you just have to download and run chromeloader.exe. This will save all your information to the thumb drive. If portability is really what you want then this portable chrome should help you out.

The third and a very popular type of add on is the xchrome. It is a sort of theme manager for the Google chrome browser. It enables one to install a particular skin within seconds without having to go through the hassles of the default.dll file. Check it out today to see what it offers. Xchrome also allows users to install themes even if they do not have one.

The fourth add on would definitely be chromepass. It is becoming increasingly popular by the day. It is essentially a password recovery tool. It allows you to view the names and passwords of users stored in the Google chrome web browser. The following information is accessible. You can see the origin url, action url, user name field, user name, password and created time. Thus it is of great utility if you want to keep a check on all content.

The last utilities add on that we shall mention is the dev channel. Google chrome publishes new releases to the dev channel. Thus it gives you access to a whole lot of information. The dev channel in turn gives way to features, community interaction and bug fixes. The channel is extremely useful. It is of great use for web developers wanting to test their sites or scripts. It is also of use to testers wanting to fix bugs. Also for developers working for Google chrome, it is perhaps one of the best utilities available. However, dev channel releases are less stable than beta channels. Automatic updates are accessible every one to two weeks.

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