Twitter for Business Marketing

TwitterThere are some new streams of revolutionized marketing coming your way with the use of Twitter. Twitter is no more just a social networking site but a great way to add momentum and glory to your business marketing process.

This allows you to morph and re-shape any of your user bases and bring attention to any area of your business that you would like to propagate. Whether there is an old product that you want to sell of quickly or something that you would like to try anew or add momentum to, you can steadily increase your areas of marketing through Tweeting about it.

Twitter is the next big phenomena that are overtaking the internet with its expected boom of profit explosion happening now! The Twitter community is growing ahead rapidly with new API developments and reshaping taking place. There are new directions and experiments happening all of the time which allows you to Tweet about your updates and expand your users.

Twitter’s presence is rapidly improving due to its hassle free content management. You can take Twitter to your mobile phone and update from anywhere in the world. You can also have exclusive internet marketing field in your business, if your concern is big or expanding. From there you can specifically target your Twitter updates in any way you please. The retweets, hastags, video tagging and all the other features are all about new ways of marketing and extending your business. This way Twitter is really helpful.

This is a short URL that is shrunk in characters to produce a short but information loaded message. You can highlight a URL over the message with this link cum information. This takes people directly to your page, without shutting of the Twitter window.

This is a greatly fun and interesting option that can bring about some serious business developments through your Twittering policy. Most people do not go to a link if they are provided as an external link. But just by highlighting the piece of information, which is possible through this links, brings some amazing changes in your marketing policy.


This is another tool for sharing photos in your Twitter. This lets you take any photo from your mobile phone to be uploaded and highlighted in a jiffy, through your specially customized Twitpic address.


You can provide the URL to your picture and type about your tweet as well within the limited characters.


This allows you to scan and check your Tweets just the way Google Alerts work. You will understand the process if you have already used Google Alerts.


This is a great way to track brands and their updates with as little as $20 per year. This is one of the few specialized Twitter services that do not come for free.


This is good as promotional blog posts are sent out to the people in your list as your post them.


This is an auto generated option that can be customized to your list.


This is just like Microsoft Outlook that lets you use your profession emails through Twitter. Twinbox integrated Twitter in your Microsoft Outlook. If you are a user of Outlook Express, you will find this to be faster and will even find it of greater value, to be able to interact with your list of contacts on Twitter which you would have to otherwise transport to MO in a whole new way. This application was formerly known as OutTwit.

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