Top iPhone Applications

Some of the best of iPod and iPhone applications have developed rapidly in the past few years. These developments have been full of new and exciting things to be explored with your gadgets. These are not really difficult to use or discover as they are all user friendly and easily downloadable too.

There are no common platform to share all the applications all at one go but one can always take one’s taste in a few of them. Discovering the best for your self may be an ordeal though and you can take your pick from some of the well chosen ones here, according to popular concepts. Most of the iPhone applications that are on the popular consensus are also made use of through iPod Touch as well.These happen to be ten of the most utilized iPhone applications:


1. JiWire Wi-Fi Finder:

This is one of the most common and accessible programs to be played in your iPhone. This uses the best of Internet facilities with AT & T as well as EDGE data system. This is limited to a speed of 2.5 G though but you can run this application even while you are checking the internet for other purposes, through your phone though it would be rather slow.


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This connects to your WiFi mode very quickly and brings you some of the most dramatic impacts. The list of free as well as paid networks around you can be located easily and you can use this with full contentment. JiWire’s services are all around the world for iPhone users and finding the hotspots which enable you to download them at once.

2. Glide Mobile:

This is another way of making iPhone applications work finely for you with a new way of word processing system. This brings you feature that creates, edits and even shares different kinds of documents which make it better for you to manage your contact list, photos, websites and other information.You can always have your likes and digs managed through this way. These documents can be converted to Word or RTF or PDF later if you wish. This makes the translation to your computer documents easier to happen.


Coming from the sync solution that most other applications bring into your iPhone but this is something totally different and making your practical life really easy. You would love to know that this application actually helps you locate nearest gas stations.


 sCredit: lifehacker


If you are not sure of the location then you can really choose with this new mimic station to be sure of where it is located and even the ones with the lowest prices. This requires you to enter your zip code and location but then you have to be within US to be able to make use of this location. Traveling a lot in the US would mean that this application brings you a great way of locating the best gas station near you.

4. makes you browse through all the latest movies being screened near you as well as their specific dates and timing.This is a really cool application and ideal to be checked out with before a weekend or whenever you want to drop at the movie hall. The best thing about the application is that it allows you to buy and secure tickets online as well.

5. Google Mobile:

This application allows you to create your default page on your iPhone, so that you can get access to all the Google tools very fast. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calender, Google Reader, Picassa, Google Notebook, etc can all be accessed via this application within seconds. Google Mobile happens to be a great tool for all Google lovers.


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Using Google programs through Google Mobile makes it more advantageous for you to utilize the wide modes of applications that can be customized in your iPhone. This even gets better than Safari, helping you to congeal your search and uses in the best way possible.There are more provisions and lesser hassles than you can think of!

6. iPhlickr:

This application brings a really simple and streamlined way of getting you to interface with the iPhone’s way of organizing iPhlickr photos. This is quite akin to YouTube application brought to iPhone.


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This system supports browsing your own favorite photos and other collections with great sync. This can manage your recently uploaded, loved and even older featured photos with great searches. The tagging and featuring can be done effortlessly with the real checking of iPhlickr.

7. Mundu:

This is an instant messenger that can make you access AOL, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gtalk at one tab interface only. You can log in to and even log out of all of them quite at once to access their service or simply to chat.


 sCredit: iphone.mundu


For most business workers or office work online this comes to be really helpful. Chatting as a congealed speech bubble can be most helpful and saves time. It is a lot like Mac OS X’s chat box. This is a great application to get use the most out of chatting online.

8. Listingly:

This is yet another online manager that can do a lot on your to-do-list or even just create reminders of your grocery list, any free listing, other kinds of task lists, etc.


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These are really great ways to get into categories and check them out, making it an organized task master. All these as reminders or check lists or updates in your day or week can be managed through your iPhone.

9. uPhoneHome:

You can take the most advantage of this application through your iPhone with the interfacing that occurs on your iPhone homescreen that only places the icons or links that you most want from a greater selection of iPhone applications. This can be sorted from time to time or day to day, according to choice. Choosing your favorites can be done by tapping the star buttons next to your screen and this displays all your favorite applications at one go. This sorts through your entire list and makes it easy for you to operate in a swift way.

10. Social Networking:

Many users of several iPhone applications are really devoted to this with the steady stream of social networking coming to the front face for most. This can make you use as many social networks you choose with just one go at the connection.


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So when you update on Twitter or Facebook or Multiply or wherever you sign up to at one go, this comes to you in an easy and more accessible way. The webs directory also let you get into different types of online social colonies and make swift and fast access to them.