The Toshiba 1st Blu-ray player BDX2000 steps back with its release date. This will be arriving by end of October this year. The very 1st Blu-ray player from the company will have some of the greatest formats for Hd-DVD that has been produced so far. This brings about 1080p and 24fps playback system.

This player supports a BD Live profile with 2.0 as well as DivX and AVCHD as well. Toshiba’s REGZA is present in an accurate content with an SD slot that allows you for the BonusView application to show your pictures.


This supports Dolby audio formats along with TrueHD. The full HD Video Output is also a great advantage coming along with this model. The REGZA-LINK (HDMI-CEC) is also another part of the new player that should be pleasing you greatly. The SD Card Slot is all very interesting.


The deep color and sound are penetrating and one should really have a go at it to experience what greatness it is bringing with itself.